Who We Are

May 15 Media was formed by Derek and Rachael after years of web partnership; this also resulted in life-long partnership as a married working-couple.

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What We Do

We assist Search Engine Optimization clients with content placement as well as procure and establish domain authority for new and auctioned web domains.

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Our Ideal Client

Our ideal client is the SEO agency who has a client base but actively seeks web resources to both place their clients' content and also build their clients' links.

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Essay Writing Article

7 Different ways To NOT Damage Your essay writing article

I got truly engaged with the school confirmation content writing service business not long after I distributed my digital book on proposal letters, Moment Suggestion Letter Pack, two or three years back. Individuals who purchased that book for assistance with their proposal letters before long begun inquiring as to whether I would audit their confirmation

Mobile App

Beginner’s Guide To Build Your Very First Mobile App

Getting a mobile app has become one of the most important necessities of doing business in the saturated and super-competitive landscape of online marketing. You need to provide ease and accessibility to your target audience in whichever way possible. You have to step into different avenues to look for mediums to accelerate your overall business

Positive Impacts of Semantic Search for SEO

Semantic Search for SEO And Its Positive Impacts

Google is changing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Algorithms regularly to improve the user experience. Enhancing the user experience is the key focus of Google. In recent years, SEO considered as a mathematical algorithm that will rank your website in the search engine results. The current scenario is not the same as it was a

Ways Technology Is Changing The Field Of Home Security

Ways Technology Is Changing The Field Of Home Security

With the evolution of digital technology, there is a lot of evolution and development in every aspect of human lives. It made our lives simple from booking cabs to ordering food to many other things and its the same when it comes to home security as well. With the advancement of technology, there is a

The Solution for Fashionista after a Drop of Polyvore fashmates

The Solution for Fashionista after a Drop of Polyvore

Have you ever imagined you with old dressing styles in this trend? Horrible right! We have a lot of trendy online sites to explore more in the fashion world. These days, everyone desires to keep in touch with the latest fashion and modern trends in order to stand away from the crowd. It is all