Ways Technology Is Changing The Field Of Home Security

With the evolution of digital technology, there is a lot of evolution and development in every aspect of human lives. It made our lives simple from booking cabs to ordering food to many other things and its the same when it comes to home security as well. With the advancement of technology, there is a wide advancement in the field of home security systems as well. The new modern security systems are designed to protect the home and the family no matter what the situation is or how dangerous it is. They aim to provide a high level of security to its users has led to these innovations. Let’s have a look at how technology has changed the field of home security.

Remote monitoring

The latest advancement in the field of home security is to be able to monitor your home from anywhere and at any time using your phone or laptop. It is a great way to keep an eye on your home or your unattended child while you’re away. This comes in handy especially when you’re on a vacation and want to know the whereabouts of your home. Few systems let you monitor the house using the CCTV cameras and few of them provide real-time notifications and updates of your home like your kid is trying to exit the door, there is a visitor at your gate/door etc. Anyway, both provide you with equal security that you need.

Home automation

Along with being able to monitor, there are few systems which provide you with the ability to automate or manage the appliances at your home. You can unlock and lock doors & gates, on and off your tube lights & fans etc. This is very useful as it allows you to manage your home remotely. For example, one day you forget to lock the main door in a hurry and this can lead to any robbery or theft. In such situations, this will come in handy, you can log in to your phone and lock the doors.

Sensors and detectors with medical assistance

Initially, the work of a detector or a sensor is to just notify or raise an alarm in case of any smoke detected, fire accident or carbon monoxide poisoning. But with the use of technology, these systems come with medical assistance which not only notifies you about the emergency but also sends an alert to the fire department by calling them. This way it is ensured that even if you’re not present at home, the required personnel are being notified and there are more chances of rescuing your home. This comes in handy if you have any kids or elderly parents alone at home.

App-based comprehensive security systems

Another important advancement is the use of mobile-based applications to secure your home. The best part about using these systems is it is accessible from anywhere and at any time using your smartphone. It can be used for any type of building like a gated community or a standalone building. It doesn’t require any bulky hardware or servers to be installed, a simple application installed in your smartphone is all you need. Every action is performed via the application like real-time notifications, accepting the entry/exit of the visitors, monitoring your kid’s activities etc. For example, if there is a visitor at your gate, then you will immediately get a notification to accept/deny the entry. Based on your approval the guard at the gate will take action. This works just like a visitor management system which allows only authorized visitors inside to avoid any suspicious events to happen.

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