Step-By-Step Site Creation: 5 Points To Pay Attention To

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I want a site. – Great, what site do you want? What topic will it be dedicated to? What does your company do? And for what purposes do you need a website? Let’s try to figure it out.

What to Consider When Ordering a Website

Most clients who come to SECL with requests to create a website sometimes need help understanding what they want. There are two sides to every coin. It is the contractor’s fault for not asking clarifying questions on time, not pushing the client to think about the immediate importance of the site for his business, etc. It is also the customer’s fault for not deciding on the critical issues.

5 Points to Consider When Ordering a Website

Here are a few questions to decide “What kind of site do you need?”

1. What Do You Need a Site for?

  • Do you need a website to advertise your services/products? To accept orders for your services? To sell your services/goods online?
  • Do you need a website – a showcase that will tell and show helpful information?
  • Do you need a website to communicate with your clients/friends?

2. Competition on the Internet

Have you identified similar sites on the Internet? What did you find interesting about them, and what was not? Who can you call your direct competitors? Do you have any ideas on how to switch the attention of users of competitors’ sites to your site? Can you supplement your site with something that will increase users’ interest?

3. Good Name

There is a well-known saying: “The name rules.” Yes, the name should be memorable and convenient to type in the browser’s address bar, and most importantly, your site’s name should not be consonant with competitors’ names. In the first stage, it will help you, but you want to overtake your competitors, and here comes the moment when your advertising starts to promote your competitors.

4. Site’s Structure

You need to determine what information you want to place on the site. For example, a list of services is necessary if your company provides services, preferably on the main page.

Here is an approximate scheme for you:

  • The main page contains brief information about the company, the latest news/promotions/discounts of the company, contacts (phone, e-mail, address, and other possible communications), a brief list of services or an info block with a list of categories and subcategories of services/goods, etc.
  • The rest of the pages should be arranged in such a way that, on the one hand, they present all the necessary information, and on the other hand, they show all the accompanying data for clients.
  • Always remember the rule of three steps: if the client cannot get to the information he needs in three phases, then the site could be better designed.
  • At this point, you need to understand what your menu and submenu will consist of clearly. Will there be one menu, or are you planning two or three options for breaking down information on the site?

5. Site Design and Logo

After you have a name and an idea of what your site will consist of, it’s time to think about how exactly to place the information on the site and what kind of design it will cover. Yes, design is like a cut for the precious stone that your website is undoubted.

How to Choose a Contractor to Create a Website

Two main errors occur in addition to the question How much does the site cost?:

1. Look for a Contractor with Projects in a Specific Niche

If you do not need the integration of some special software, this approach does not make sense in most cases. According to the project, the site’s development is based on the same principle as real estate construction.

Of course, hiring someone who has only built garages makes no sense. However, rejecting a developer who did not build objects in a specific area is an idea.

2. Check the Portfolio

The page’s design often differs from the one that is liked but the one that the customer requires. Consider such factors as:

  • Download speed;
  • The logic of the arrangement of menu items;
  • Interface convenience;
  • Ease of work.

Additional Services of Site Developers

Usually, in addition to creating a website, companies offer self-promotion services. The site needs to be promoted to have an extensive reach of people. Yes, it will be among the first in search engines. That will allow customers to search for the desired product by keywords and visit your site.

In addition, those who already have a website should take time to create a new one. It is enough to provide the site data, and specialists will correct the work and make it according to your requirements.

Or you need to optimize your work for search keywords.

Decide what kind of site is needed. It is possible to use a one-page site for product presentation. Such sites are easy and quick to create. All information about the product is on one page and does not require additional transitions.

5 Criteria Why You Need To Review a Site

  1. Careless, overly bright, or provocative design;
  2. Low-quality layout – blocks overlap or are not displayed, invalid code;
  3. Slow loading speed (too heavy pictures);
  4. Incorrectly working backlinks;
  5. Not optimized for promotion (search requests are not used in the texts, and service fields of the site are not filled).

Here Is Why BAD Sites Don’t Work

Website design may not seem significant compared to information, but some design principles matter and influence user opinion and conversions.

  • Negative impression. In 90% of cases, the first impressions of users are related to the design of websites;
  • No followers. After one unsuccessful experience, the user is 85% less likely to return to this site;
  • Low company authority. 50% of users agree that the harmony between the logo’s colors, text, links, and background makes them think that this company is trustworthy.

The most important thing is to understand that no one but you will tell you what web platform you need. You may or may not be advised of a solution, but no one will remove the responsibility for setting the task off you. Therefore, it is necessary to know what functions the site should have, what problems to solve, and what questions to close.

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