Improve Your Slot Winning Chances With These 7 Smart Tips Of 2023

In Australia, online casino gambling is a lawful activity that has garnered tremendous fame. It has stringent rules which ascertain that gambling takes place fairly and securely. These casinos host a wide gamut of online slots, from traditional fruit machines to sophisticated video slots developed by reputable software providers. The consequence is that Aussie online casinos have etched an impression of being trustworthy and dependable in the minds of billions of online casino gamblers.

In tune with their strategies to entice a rising count of players and elevate the gambling experience to a higher level, Aussie online casinos provide different types of bonuses, such as reload offers, deposit bonuses, and free spins, among others. Such baits in real money casinos Australia augment the probability of the players winning handsome amounts without any gigantic risk.

Top 7 Rules to Hit Slot Machines with Winning Prizes in 2023

#7 Select the Slot Machine with the Best Return to Player (RTP)

In reality, winning at slot machines every time is merely a dream. The fundamental precept is determining the game that disburses more winnings than others. It is possible by choosing a higher Return to Player (RTP) slot. RTP is a percentage returned to the player based on the money wagered. 


The RTP indicates your chances of hitting a bonus round or the quantum of money you will receive when you wager a specific amount. To find out the RTP of a specific slot machine, you can perform an online search: “[slot game] + RTP.” On reviewing 1 to 100 slots, the RTP% of most is 92 to 97. The thumb rule is selecting an online slot of more than 96% RTP.

#6 Couple your Luck with Efforts to Bring Home a Bonanza

Online slots are pure luck-playing games. The outcome is entirely random and depends solely on chance. However, the phrase ‘Knowledge is Power’ is applicable. You can elevate your possibility of winning by adhering to the following strategies. To win online slots, you must have an apt mindset, be dedicated, and be patient with time. 


To begin with, you must have adequate knowledge about the selection of a slot machine rather than guesswork about the possibility that a specific slot machine will hit. Choose the slot machine with a superb blend of casino bonuses, limits, return to the player, and volatility to enhance the possibility of winning.

#5 Avoid Progressive Slots

In online slots, you will find it tough to control the temptation of playing jackpot slots (aka Progressive slots) due to the lure of big real money prizes. You must wager a maximum amount to attempt the top jackpot prizes. In addition, the odds of winning are very low. A word of caution is that Progressive slots have the lowest RTPs.

#4 Experience the Two Sides of Volatility

The term ‘volatility’ of online slots implies the risk level of the game. This term is synonymous with ‘variance.’ It is the risk involved while wagering at the specific online slot. It opens up two possibilities:

In the case of high-volatility slots, the winning amount is high, but the odds of winning are lower. The winning amount is low for the low-volatility slots, but the odds of winning are high. Both these flavours are equally famous.


Suppose you have a lot of money for a lengthy online gaming session and sufficient information about the secrets of optimal play of slots, and you have the essential patience. Out of these three conditions, if you lack even one of them, it is advisable to try low volatility slots. In that case, it is a good decision to try high-volatility slots.

#3 Refer Slot Reviews on Reputed Sites To Your Benefit

It is not astute to learn from scratch and your experiences always. Particularly not when money is concerned. Instead, you can capitalize on other players’ experiences by reading online slot reviews on authorized sites. It will give you a fair idea of maximizing your money.

#2 Learn Online Slots with Free Games

When you begin playing an online slot game, most players have the following thoughts: “I’ll soon know how to win in this slot game.” It would help if you thrashed away this feeling and initially played free games. Using bonus rounds to sharpen your skills is a skilful move. When you implement this move, you will gradually learn the nuances of a game and its clandestine twists.

#1 Lose Some Money, But Not Self-Control

Before you log in to the online casino, you must decide your budget. It means you finalize the amount of money you are ready to lose for the session. By bad fortune on a specific day, you must control your mind and stop playing for the day if you lose this amount.


Quick Tips from Veteran Gamblers to Win High

Gamblers with wide-ranging expertise suggest the following steps to increase the winning chances on slot machines. Find those online slots with an RTP of 96% or more and high volatility. Out of these, find those that permit bets of 0.2 or lesser. The benefits of these strategies:

  • You can leverage the combination of RTP and volatility to win more amounts. For the same amount of money, you get more spins.

Try all the above strategies at an Aussie online casino named, which possesses the Curacao e-Gaming Regulatory Authorities license. Bambet offers a 3-part Welcome bonus, weekly Thursday bonus, and VIP rewards.


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